What is the client area?

 What is the client area?

The client area is a centralised portal where you can access information associated with your account.

You can access the client area by visiting www.monkeytreehosting.com and clicking 'Client Area' at the top right of the website. You will need to sign in with your username and password which would have been supplied to you upon creating your account.  If you do not have any login details you will need to be authorised on the account and you will need to speak to the main account holder who will need to sign in to the 'Client Area' and add you as an additional account holder with the relevant permissions. You can find out how to do this by clicking here.

The below are some of the actions available to you from within the client area:

  • Open support tickets
  • View and pay invoices
  • Add/Upgrade products and services
  • Register/Transfer domains
  • Add additional account contacts

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