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OFNL Network - Speed Guarantee

Our fibre broadband on the OFNL Network is ideal for busy homes, with super speeds for streaming and sharing, and it’s totally unlimited. We want to make sure you get what you pay for with our Speed Guarantee. This page identifies the guarantee's that are in place, what you get, and what we need to measure these services.

The fibre service that Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd (Trading as: MTH Networks, hereinafter "MTH") delivers over the OFNL Network ( is a third party service, whereby OFNL control the quality and all infrastructure parts.

MTH Networks will always aim for you to achieve 100% speed to the door. This is because of the high-quality fibre-network.

OFNL Network do not officially provide any network guarantee.

MTH Networks will make every endeavour to ensure that the client is able to make use of the full speed, however - the quoted speed is the speed to be achieved to the OFNL Modem.

Speed in the home can be affected by Router Quality, distance from router and many other environmental factors. New Build houses are build with more metal in the walls, making signals increasingly difficult to transfer through the walls. We would expect a 10-30% speed drop for wifi speeds, depending on distance from the wifi router and environmental factors.

As required by Ofcom - Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd (trading as MTH Networks) provide a 50% Speed Guarantee from the package purchased. This speed test needs to be performed by a wired computer device, connected to the OFNL modem. This will require a basic PPPoE session establishing via the PC - which our support team are happy to talk you through.


If you feel that your speeds are not up to par - we will require a few initial tests. These will include a wired connection to the OFNL modem, as we will need to check for problems in the router, or the OFNL line itself. In order to get a full diagnostic test - please contact us through the support system.

If you are unable to perform these tests, this will limit the actions that we are able to do moving forward.

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