Increasing Wordpress upload size limit

By default the maximum file size for uploading in Wordpress is 2MB, which is quite small. Sometimes you might run into problems uploading, therefore we have created a simple guide for you to increase your Wordpress Upload Size Limit. Please follow the instructions below:

1. In Cpanel go to “Software” then click on “Select PHP Version”
2. Click the drop down box and select “5.6”
3. Top right hand corner click “Switch To PHP Options”
4. Click drop down box again and select “5.6”
5. You will see quite a lot of options here, the one you are looking for is right at the bottom called “upload_max_filesize”
6. If you click on the number a drop down box will appear, you can then select the upload limit you want.
7. Click “Apply” once done then “Save”

You should now be able to upload to the limit you have set.

However if you come across any problems, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we can guide you through this.

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